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Пандемиски поуки

2020та звучеше ветувачки… Ја дочекавме со широко отворени раце и со големи очекувања, но наместо харизматична добивме хаотична година. Животот одеднаш стана драстично поинаков, чувствата на збунетост и неизвесност беа


Генерација Z: Карактеристики и Интереси

Веќе добро сме запознаени со миленијалците, генерацијата која ги фати оние последни години на живот без интернет, но кои без проблем се снајдоа во дигиталниот свет. Сега е време да


Tips on hiring a marketing agency

Running your own company is a tough job and seeking help can put big ease on you and your employees. Whether you’re in manufacturing or have a service-oriented business, investing in marketing can take you



Everything moves, and everything changes. The information we send, receive and multiply represents movement. The ideas we develop, nurture and grow are also a form of movement. As witnesses of


Money, the when, the what and the how

Surrounded by the internet on daily basis, we get bombarded with offers to give our money to businessmen, banks, investment funds with a promise of a hefty payout at the



It’s All About Merchandise, Market, Media and Message Fifty-six years ago, E. Jerome McCarthy conceived the 4Ps of marketing: Product, price, place and promotion. Today, product is still the starting


9 cutting-edge web design trends for 2018

As a digital medium, web design is far more subject to shifts in technology than its traditional print forbearers. But we’re now 18 years into the new millennium, so that’s


Not everything is meant to be digital. Although we spend most of our time living on the internet, this doesn’t mean that all of our presence should be exclusively online. Let’s get physical!

Printed Promo Materials 

Corporate Branding

Event Management and Coverage


Without any online presence, do you even exist? A high-performance online campaign allows you to reach the ideal target audience, and turn them into long-term customers.

Content Creation 

Lead Generation

Social Media Management

Paid Advertising

Product Promotion

Email Marketing


Constructing effective strategies is a must-have for successful growth. Have a goal but not sure how to achieve it? We’ll make it happen! 

Digital marketing strategies 

Long-term Campaigns

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Growth hacking

Research and Analysis

Customer Care and Management


We create compact, appealing and entertaining ways to present your company, so leave it to us to make you shine! 


Web based systems 


Mobile Apps 

System integration

You are not alone out there!

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MOTION Ltd. is also a shareholder of another European entity, AMANDUS Group, a Swedish consulting company that specializes in supporting  other businesses and start-ups to help them grow their business by increasing their efficiency and taking care of their business processes in various fields and industries. 

Together we assist businesses to overcome these problematics, crucial for healthy and steady growth. Additionally, we evaluate the current organizational flow and thus provide specific strategic solutions and guidelines. 

Amandus’ expertise lays on top of the  vast network of digital marketing, IT, software development, operational and strategic sales partners, as well as legality and financing firms which are defining most of Amandus’ evaluation and support committees which carry the main role when it comes to securing the growth, the organizational efficiency and overall progress of it’s clients.

If you want to learn more, please check Amandus’ website.

MOTION Ltd. is one of the shareholder organizations, founders of ARAIG Global, an international company specialized in developing a suit technology that utilizes a combination of hardware, software and specialized components to build a multi-sensory, multi-directional haptic feedback solution that immerses the gaming experiences and brings the VR world to a point indistinguishable to our reality. Together, we aim to provide a unique user experience that allows gamers to play their favorite games and actually feel what they’ve only been able to see.
ARAIG is the first military approved technology of it’s kind to be released for the gaming public and an award winning concept officially recognized by the world’s biggest conference for military technology DisTech in the United Kingdom.

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    The three principles we identify with

    MOTION ltd. provides marketing and web services to help other like-minded companies be on pace with the current trends, overcome their challenges, and reach their highest potential

    Our attitude is not to go with the flow, but to be the flow. Moving with flow helps us keep things steady and running smoothly. We capture the movement and rearrange it to create forward-looking trends.


    We are witnesses of continuous digital evolution. Information multiplies at the speed of light, and data is the most valuable thing. This helps even the smallest ideas grow into extraordinary achievements when handled with care and precision


    As the world becomes more technologically advanced, it becomes harder for businesses to keep up and achieve their goals. This is where we play our part and digitize your company.

    Mission Control

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    Head of Business Development

    Aleksandra Kolozheg Gievska

    Head of Creative Solutions

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    Head of Marketing & Content Outreach

    Stefan Ivanovski

    Head of Branding & Visualization

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    Head of Administration