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Don’t be a sceptic, run those ads!

It’s great that you’ve set out in the digital world, but can you really start your digital journey without packing ADVERTISING in your suitcase? Before you go, make sure you check the list below.


Let’s face the truth – you need the exposure

Okay, so if we are talking honestly, every brand needs exposure, even the big ones, but especially the new ones. You really need to get out there if you want people to recognize your brand. Brand awareness and recognition play such an essential role in the company’s success and likability, and the digital world is like a giant playground for exploring and conquering. You can’t keep hiding behind the bench or wait for someone to randomly notice your presence. Take the ball into your hands. Be the leader in your industry and run those ads!


Organic growth is just not enough

Once upon a time, social media was free. We remember the days when a Facebook post could reach up to 10K people, literally organically, with only a dozen of likes and a couple of shares. Well, unfortunately, those days are over, and if you desire the same effect, you need ads. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and you get what you pay for. So, if you want visibility, you need an advertising strategy.


There’s a huge competition in the digital world

Never forget that you’re leaving the space open to your competitors by not investing in ads. Those who use ads will ALWAYS have a competitive advantage and get more reach, clicks, and purchases. It’s not only about competition in your local community, It’s the whole world we are talking about. Companies that invest heavily in paid advertising can instantly become your potential customer’s primary choice, and they’ll be gone in a blink of an eye.


Time is money, and budgets are flexible

If you keep waiting for the right moment to start with ads, or you can’t make up your mind about how much to begin with, you’re already losing customers. There is no room for second thoughts, and we marketers know how crucial it is to react on time when demand is on the rise or an opportunity awaits. The good thing is that ads work for even the smallest budgets, so it’s better to start small and work your way up instead of not starting at all. When you see the results with your own eyes and ensure there is an ROI, you’ll undoubtedly want to double the budget!


Drive traffic, but relevant traffic

Everybody knows the trick where you invite hundreds of people to follow/like your page. But is it enough? Are all your social media friends your real target audience? Does your cousin or old high school friend honestly care about your product or service, and would they ever be interested in buying it? It’s not just about having massive amounts of likes and followers. The truth is, this is not a very good strategy. 100 followers gained through advertising are far more valuable than 1000 followers that don’t fit your ideal target market.



If you’re struggling with advertising and have no idea how and when to start, feel free to reach out and book a consultancy with us.

We are happy to offer you advice, guidance, and support!


Author: Aleksandra Kolozheg Gievska – Co-founder of MOTION

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