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A whole new universe in MOTION

So far, it’s been such a remarkable journey, and we have enjoyed every second of it. We are incredibly grateful for all the friends we’ve made and for our mutual accomplishments. We believe that everyone deserves to win and that creating partnerships is far better than creating competition. That is why we decided to expand our universe and become part of two other companies that will enable us to reach new heights.

In addition, we have some news about our brand identity (YAY). Since one of our core company values is “Evolution,” it felt natural to evolve ourselves and rebrand. And let’s face it, humanity went through a lot recently, with the global pandemic and all the other unfortunate events happening, so we wanted to demonstrate the beginning of a new chapter, filled with fresh ambition and motivation to achieve great things. With our new identity, we want to express our enthusiasm for the future, our expansion, and the growth mindset we nurture.

Soon, you can expect new content from us, so make sure you follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages. We plan to share useful insights with you, so we would appreciate it if you shared your thoughts and told us what aspects of digital marketing you find most interesting and challenging.

Also, we are always available to meet with you, so if there is a question on your mind, and you want to pick our brain, or if you need any marketing-related service or advice, please feel free to reach out. We’ll be delighted to grab a coffee with you at our office or chat online.

Last but not least, we want to thank you, our dearest followers, partners, collaborators, and employees, for being a part of our universe and always supporting us.

Moving with you,


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