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Running your own company is a tough job and seeking help can put big ease on you and your employees. Whether you’re in manufacturing or have a service-oriented business, investing in marketing can take you a long way. It’s always good to hear it directly from the agencies themselves. So, here are our tips, do’s and don’ts when outsourcing to a marketing agency. 

Outsourcing your marketing activities can be a smart move 

Imagine the cost of having to run a recruitment campaign and choosing the right people for your team. Let’s say that you handled that part smoothly, but now you have to invest in training your new employees, let them adapt, learn and practice. And here comes the biggest burden, their wages. This whole process can be pretty tiring and timeconsuming. Although we applaud those who have the motivation to take up all these activities, it’s okay to admit that a lot of companies see the benefit of hiring external experts. 

Tip: If you are serious about investing in your in-house marketing team then go for it, but if you need something done fast and in a professional matter, it won’t hurt to have a couple of agency numbers in your contact list. 

Put faith in the marketing agency 

Let’s assume that you’ve decided to outsource your marketing activities.

You’ve found the agency you like and had an initial meeting with them, but now you have to give them some decision-making power, and you just don’t feel comfortable enough. Giving authority is a delicate subject and not many agencies talk about the challenges they have. Companies need to accept that marketing agencies are a group of professionals with a lot of experience behind them and have good taste in general. Don’t be that type of CEO who micromanages the agency’s work. You need to put faith and understand that even though you’re the owner of this successful company, it doesn’t make you a marketing expert that knows how things should look.

Tip: If you are doubtful, remember why you wanted to outsource in the first place and remind yourself that you wouldn’t be looking for a marketing agency if you knew how everything is supposed to be done. 


Don’t settle for just one service 

If you’ve had any experience in the field of marketing, you are aware of how vast and broad it is. A company cannot say that they are investing in their marketing if they choose only one method of promotion. Here’s a plain example. You want a huge amount of people to find out about this new product you have, so you call up your agency and tell them that you want a campaign to run solely on Facebook. But not all of your potential buyers are on FacebookAlso, you might have the coolest campaign on social media, but if your website is outdated and looks boring, the whole campaign can be a waste of money. If you want to say that you’ve seriously invested in your marketing, this means that you’ve understood the importance of being present on all the communication channels. Unfortunately, Facebook is not enough; you’ll need to include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, a make-over for your website, plan an event, design flyers, publish a PR announcement, etc. The more, the merrier.

Tip: Make a plan and prioritize. If you think your company is not able to invest a big amount of money at once, then it’s smart to talk to your agency and make a plan. Prioritize your objectives and create a timeline of activities where you would include more types of promotion but spread them out in a longer period.  


Don’t expect the results to come immediately 

A lot of companies tend to ask, when will all these activities pay off? The answer is not simple. Roughly speaking, you would have to wait for at least a couple of months before being able to see the effects of a campaign. Companies need to understand that marketing isn’t just a way to drive sales. It’s about elevating your brand and being consistent. Additionally, if you’re only thinking about the ROI, you might get disappointed. Even though there are lots of different techniques and formulas we use to analyze results, it can be very difficult to predict the outcomes precisely. 

Tip: Try to think of your marketing activities like a little child. At first, your child will be small and insignificant, but once you take time to invest in him/her, let it grow, experiment and try new things, then you will end up with a proactive, motivated young leader, ready to take on life.  


Keep an open mind 

Always take into consideration that things constantly change in the marketing world. Something that was “lit” a few months ago can be a no-go after the trend has passed. Keep an open mind when it comes to taking up new types of promotion. Marketing is a highly creative industry, and we like to use a lot of new tools and gadgets as technology advances. 

Tip: You might not be a marketer, but it’s smart to continuously read about marketing trends as they arise, take risks, be bold and always think outside of the box.  


Now that we let the cat out of the bag, we can conclude there are a lot of challenges that companies and marketing agencies have. It’s always a good idea, to be honest, and put all the cards on the table before starting a collaboration. Setting expectations is a must, and if you skip this part and decide not to be completely open with your partners, you will most likely have miscommunications and a hard time getting on the same page. We hope our advice was useful, and encourage you to reach out to us if you require any consultancies or marketing services. 


Author: Aleksandra Kolozheg Gievska – Co-founder of MOTION


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